Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot As Hell

No offense, Hell, but it is seriously hot here in Toronto.  I should know.  These are somethings I've done today in the 32-ish degree Celsius weather:
  • rode my bike to work and beyond for a total of 80 minutes riding time so far
  • pushed my bike during a two hour walking tour of the 'the heart of the city' for ROM walks - a free walking tour of various neighbourhoods of the city I've been bringing tenants from my part time job to
  • ate a street veggie dog on a merciless, shade free concrete square for my supper
Now I have a slight heat head ache and I'm pretty sure I also have a burgeoning t-shirt tan.  Lucky for me, though I also know much more about Richardson Romanesque architecture and discovered a nice shady hideaway fenced in garden and lawn in front of Osgood Hall I won't be shy to take advantage of in the future.

xo Tara

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