Monday, May 3, 2010

Old Yarn, New Handbag

I'm going to be doing a knitting group tonight with my second job and I'll be starting a new project.  I'm very excited because I'll be using real wool (not Zellers or Walmart fake wool) and making a cute bag that I'll then soak in boiling water to 'felt' it and make it all snug and tight like a dreadlock.  This reference may date me, but here goes:  In university my roomates used to call me 'Sophia' after the character played on Golden Girls by Estelle Geddy.  The reason was that, even inside our house, I ALWAYS carried around a giant handbag (handmade for me by our foster child, Lucy, in Nairobi) in order to have instant access to my smokes and lipbalm.  I kicked the cigarettes 12 years ago, but still have a hobbling addiction to lipbalm.

Me making my own handmade bag is thematically appropriate to this blog because I am using the yarn donated from my most craftiest of friends, Sarah, rather than buying anything new. 

In other saintly news, I am at 65% of my fundraising goal for the walk.  That is pretty awesome, guys, if I do say so myself.  It is my birthday on Sunday, and I hope to rake in a few more bucks towards my $2000 goal then.

My shopping vintage spree is coming up on May 22nd with Cindy (yeah!), and now that I'm back in Toronto and semi-sorted out, I am going to check in with Stella asap re: borrowing a book about living free.  Also, I just realized who my new 15th follower is, Sabrina, and am suitably delighted.

I'll post a picture when I finish my handbag.

xo Tara


Unknown said...

book is yours whenever you'd like! looking forward to seeing you

cindy said...

LOL! Love you, your handbag, your lipbalm, and your smokes (if you still had them)

No New is Good News said...

I was the only serious smoker, the rest of you guys were able to just bum them. I had to give them up. I either smoke none or the whole pack. No middle ground for me :)