Monday, May 10, 2010


My horoscope this week in Now magazine references the ancient Anglo-Saxon word 'Thrimilce'.  This referred to the month of May, when cows were so fertile you could milk them 3 times a day.  The horoscope's advice was to 'give generously 3 times a day but not 4'. 

Today I've been doing some work towards 'giving generously' by working on drumming up talent for the comedy fundraiser, by cooking nutritious healthy meals for my wife, and by clearing away and tidying up my loose clothing so there are actual clear surfaces in our condo.  (Giving begins in the home).  I'm at 3, so I'll stop and enjoy some down time now.

I wanted to share a moment from today.  On the walk home today a tiny black haired, black eyed, round baby girl in a stroller got busy with the job of waving to me.  Her countenance so serious, she concentrated hard on her task, extending her left arm straight out and fanning her fingers and waving them side to side, to give me her wee salutation as I walked by.  It was a highlight.

xo Tara

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