Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Magic Moment

This morning on the long, hot walk to work I came upon a vacant lot on College Street.  There was a large truck - the kind a road crew might use - parked there with the doors open and the music blaring.  A few feet away, two dudes in road crew/construction gear were stepping 'er out.  They were perfectly in sync doing this funny kind of walking dance; crossing one leg in front of the other, dipping the back leg suddenly, swinging an arm and snapping their fingers, and singing along, just like a hip hop video.  Then they cracked up laughing and one of them said, 'Man, we're too good for this job!'

I've been reading in my How To Be Free book that we're all too good for our jobs.  Unless we really enjoy them.  The premise is that work can become mind numbingly boring if it gets to specialized, so we need to diversify, get hobbies, crafts, grow things, do things, stop watching screens for work, rest, and play.

Those two big, beefy, giggling, dancing construction workers really set a nice tone for the day.

xo Tara