Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walking in the Rain

I did a cool, free ROM walk tonight.  That is the Royal Ontario Museum's free historical neighbourhood walks.  They do a bunch of different ones over the warm months.  It was interesting to hear tidbits - as we dodged the raindrops - about buildings you walk by and wonder about.  Did you know that in the 30's during the depression, they build an extension on the Museum and to give as much employment as possible they did the foundation all by hand.  So men dug it out with shovels and wheelbarrels entirely.

I am about to go to bed.  It's been a nice, but longish day.

I just got my first birthday card that is from Nanny Laing alone today.  It was always 'Love Nan and Pop' before, of course.  A bit of a lowlight.

A highlight was making my mother a mother's day card in the art group at work.  I'm more of a collage person than a drawer or painter.  It ended up being pretty funny.

On my birthday I've decided I want to do brunch with my wife, including chatting about our goals and dreams (insert possible vision boarding exercise here!), and then going for a practice hike with my team for the end cancer walk.  I think it will be a nice way to spend a Sunday creeping into my dotage.

xo Tara

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Tena Laing said...

You forgot to mention your TWIN! Isn't it OUR birthday???