Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi there,
I'm heading off to my volunteering gig and I'm feeling very self satisfied because I'm walking there.  Of course I'm 4 hours shy of my weekly goal of walking 7 hours per week, so I'll have to get creative to squeeze that in before the sun goes down on this day.

I had a nice start to my day, waking before I had to feeling modestly refreshed and had the time to have a leisurely breakfast and do some stuff on the computer.  I am trying to promote some of the fundraising things I am doing for my End Cancer Walk (and help the rest of my team, who I call the 'Straight Rainbows' meet their goals too) without overwhelming my people.  I want to make a poster for this comedy show I am organizing.  Fortunately I have 10 hilarious women who have signed on to do it (Monday June 21st at Comedy Bar), but I am struggling to come up with a catchy name for it.  I'll brainstorm if it's slow today at the Clothing Show.  (The Clothing Show sells new and old clothing, and we always put up a booth to get volunteers and donations for this other group I do stuff with - the esthetics for women in shelters - we give 10 minute $10 massages for donations).  I am not bringing any money to shop.  I'm saving my vintage shopping for next weekend with Cindy!

xo Tara

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