Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well Received

Our present for my cousin's wedding ended up being something old, something handmade, and something new (cash).  I made the card with an old photo of us cousins from a ways back highlighting his hockey player hair and white sport sock stylings at a wedding in the early nineties.  I decided in addition to giving cash to re-gift him with a useful DVD of mine (bought before January 1st).  I also made the wrapping paper out of old magazine photos.  Specifically from lesbian weddings captured in our Curve magazines.  The result was a colourful and unique package that none of the 90 or so guests failed to stop and stare at.  He has always been a bit like a younger brother and we love to tease each other.  In fact when me and my wife got up to kiss (to make him and his new wife kiss at the reception), they had planned a joke and turned to a same sex member of their bridal party for a smooch, which helped make everyone more comfortable with us being a pair of two wives. 

I am well satisfied with my homemade efforts and may just do the same for future gift giving occasions.  Certainly they are more memorable, eye catching, and interesting than store bought. 

xo Tara


Stefanie said...

Check out this yahoo article, it is titled Frugality the new normal...

Congrats to you--keep it up! I just might have to try, as well!

No New is Good News said...

Hey, thanks for the link Stephanie!