Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updates R Us

So, I thought I'd update you on a few items:

Clothing Swap Reno's: I took my bedazzled blazer to be dry cleaned (as I'm a bit phobic about used stuff).  The other items I've washed at home.  The blazer will soon be getting dedazzled.  The t-shirts I've yet to reno.  One sort of uniform-styled short sleeved shirt I took in for an update.  I wanted to make it sexier.  Get this:  It is going to cost me $40 to have the sleeves taken in, and the back, front and sides taken in.  I sure hope it's sexier in the end.  My free 'swap' shirt is going to end up costing me the going shirt rate.  BUT, no new shirts will have been created to make it, and hopefully it will fit me so well, it will be life changing, or something cool like that.

Gaylord Night at Work:  We hosted a Pride event tonight at my work and 7 tenants came!  That is a lot.  We typically only get 7 out if we are having an amazing cooking event or something equivalent.  Also, thanks to Stella for commenting on my use of the word 'Gaylord'.  I used it a lot in grade 6 and then not again until I met my wife, and we now use it fondly to refer to queer-ish types of our ilk.  Not sure how widely used it is, but it sure is a great word!

Laing Family Weight Loss Contest Win:  So... I won the contest.  Turns out I only had to drop 14.8 lbs in the almost 2 months.  Other months the winners were much bigger losers, but I guess this was a lackadaisical contest and my efforts were sufficient.  I won the princely sum of $800 for this.  It felt amazing.  The money will be swiftly eaten up with obligations, but I am setting aside $200 of it to shop with impunity for clothing for myself at Value Village.  Otherwise, the accountant, the tax man, Roger's, and Fido all have dibs on my blood money (or should I say 'adipose tissue money', but you get the drift).  In any case, dropping almost 15 lbs has had a side benefit of making some of my old clothing fit me again, which is a great boon to a gal who is not buying anything new!  I am a bit bummed I missed yesterday's 30% off day at Value Village, but that seems kind of par for the course this year. 

Vacation coming up:  Tomorrow is my last day of work then I have 2 weeks + 2 days of vacation, and I can't wait to just hang out, and of course see some of my ancestral homeland, Newfoundland, like a tourist.  (We are going to go up the Northern Peninsula in a camper).  Also, tomorrow night when I am done my last day of work, my wife and our pal, Mae are doing their Pride show, Proud Larrys, so I get a lovely mini Pride of 1 day only, before I head off.  I am really looking forward to the show and to dancing after.  It's been a bit of a long, hard haul lately, and it is time to celebrate.  If you are into Pride comedy shows, I'll leave the poster up, since my wife was good enough to help with my comedy FUNdraiser :)

Anyone a Stand By Me fan?  The poster is a tribute to that one.

xo Tara

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuned Out

I spent the day with my sister doing a few errands and then some very pleasant writing/editing.  I'm trying to get some of my 'swap' clothing items tailored, but nothing was open on a Sunday.  It is somewhat disconcerting to be sitting at home now and seeing the news of the G20 happenings of the day.  I tend to be a bit of a chicken with news.  I joke that I like to be on a 'news diet'.  I find it heavy on the negative at the best of times.  But, of course, an event like the G20 is an exercise in extremes.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow now.  I'll be organizing a Pride event that I am helping host at my part time job on Tuesday.  My coworker and I, being bonafide gaylords, are curious to see who, if anyone, will come out to our Pride celebration, but are happy to be issuing the invitation. 

Tomorrow, FYI is 30% off at Value Village.  Who knows, I may make it in time tomorrow before they close up to get myself some used clothing deals.  I'm thinking I might like some summer work-worthy clothing.

Anyway, good night and peace y'all.

xo Tara

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laid Low by Low Back

I've had about three days of almost constant low back pain.  It's almost time to do something about it.  It reminds me to be thankful for all the days I don't have any pain.  I eagerly look forward to those days again.

It's been a slightly hectic couple of days with me saying farewell to my lovely Irish students, who have been with me for 9 weeks, as well as juggling work and life.  I'm 3 working days away from my vacation and am really, really excited about the thought of just chilling out for two weeks.  We have a plan to drive up the Northern Peninsula on the west coast of Newfoundland (Gros Morne National Park area).  I'm fantasizing about lazy days on the bay, smelling salt air.

I slept until 2:44pm today, even though I went to bed at 12:30 last night.  I guess I really needed it, or else I am being passive aggressive with my chore list.  Sleeping so long makes me have a strangely surreal feeling about the day.  This is only getting stronger as my wife and I prepare to attend a friend's memorial service and are trying to plot a route that will not put us in danger of running into police and protesters.  There seems to be a lot of ugly action going on downtown.  It doesn't feel very Canadian in our city at the moment.   

xo Tara

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meeting my Wife

After work tonight I'm meeting my wife for a working date.  I'm going to work on my novel for work's book club and she's going to write for her show.  I'm looking forward to it.  We're doing it at our local pub.  I'm planning on a light beer :) 

Today I got more donations for my walk, they keep coming in and I get a surprise email notifying me.  If someone asks, I suggest they donate to my teammate and sister who got started a little later.  I'm now at 110% of my goal.  I did a nice walking tour of Yorkville this evening with ROM walks.  I can now point out the Richardson Romanesque details, the Victorian gable treatments, and the Second Empire Mansard roofs on buildings, if you want to join me for a stroll...

Off for now.  But FYI: If I could buy something new it would be sandals.

xo Tara

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heroic Measures

I've decided to go to heroic measures this next week, on the off chance that I can win the Laing family weight loss challenge.  This might not be a terribly feminist or healthy thing to do, but I am getting the sense that I have a real chance and seeing as it's only 6 days till the final weigh in - and a possible win of $800 hangs in the balance, I am going for it.  Who's zooming who?  I want to win.  I would love to get that cash infusion just days before my summer vacation. 

To clarify, by heroic measures, what I actually mean is drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating according to Weight Watcher's daily recommended points allotment, and exercising daily.  I don't mean starvation and/or purging or anything weird.  But given my natural Taurean tendencies, just being sensible and healthy consistently for 6 days is very heroic on my part.  There will be time for gluttony and boozery just in the nick of time for my wife's Pride Show on Wednesday next week.  She and our friend Mae Martin are doing a double bill comedy show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto called 'Proud Larry's' on Wed. the 30th, which also marks the beginning of my two week vacation. I can't wait!

I am pretty pooped after last night's excellent FUNdraiser and a full day, including the launch of a film I made at my work, so I am feeling pretty close to hitting the sack.  Sweet dreams.

xo Tara

A Triumph!

The Comedy FUNdraiser tonight was a great success.  It was voted 'coolest fundraiser' by my team, and also raised several hundred dollars for our 3 team mates who are not so close to their goals yet.  I am wiped out, so I will have to check in again soon, xoxo Tara

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clothing Swap

I really enjoyed swapping, but my friend Sarah felt that I was a little less discerning in my taste than her.  Apparently not buying anything new (for almost 6 months now!) tends to make one less fussy.  I brought home a bulging bag of over 10 items, whereas she struggled to find a few.

Some of my finds: 
  • Three 100% wool sweaters to shrink down in hot hot water, then hot dryer to use for 'felt'.  I'm going to cut patches to sew on my slippers with the felt I make.  I'm practically a pioneer, folks.
  • A blazer that is very promising but it has been becrapzzled with the ugliest trim and buttons and ornamental uselessness imaginable.  The actual blazer, however has 'good bones'.  So I will see if it looks nice after I get at it with my stitch ripper.
  • A couple of T-shirts that I plan to cut up and experiment with, but their slogans looked like they would make fun Pride shirts.
  • A hoodie and a regular work-a-day t-shirt.
Sarah and I then went out for a pint and a few laughs after swapping, until I had to dash off and
I have been on the go ever since with FUNdraiser stuff (last night the euchre, and today prepping for tomorrow's comedy).  

Looking forward to a good night tomorrow, but also to the sweet relief of being done my big job (well, besides the walking 60K part, that is). 

My wife surprised me with a stack of money last night.  Life is good.

xo Tara

Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Things

It feels nice to have picked out the 5 items I'm taking to Swap Don't Shop.  They are in a tidy pile ready to go, and I feel like the chi (or how ever you spell it?) is flowing a little more easily already :)

Hopefully the things I bring home in exchange for these 5 items will be useful, frequently rotated members of my wardrobe.  I'm getting rid of two purses, a glittery wrap, a blouse that I think I might find too hot, and a button up, short sleeved top made of something too fuzzy that I know for sure makes me overheated.  Perhaps they will make some chronically chilled individual thrilled.

I am hoping to snag a pair of sunglasses and maybe shoes that haven't really been worn.  We'll see if there's any clothing in my Rubenesque size, and indeed if there's anything there worth getting.

I'm meeting my pal, Sarah outside the swap tomorrow around noon.  For this evening, it is chill-out time.  I have been feeling a bit burnt-out (kind of the opposite of chill-out, I suppose), so I am looking forward to hanging out in pyjamas this evening and catching up on some reading and maybe some Nurse Jackie.

xo Tara

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book Club Cottage Edition

I just got the word that my book club is having our summer version at some one's cottage and we are all invited for the weekend.  How great is that?

It's in August, so I just need to make sure it doesn't interfere with my busy other people's wedding schedule.  I must admit that there is a liberating joy going to other people's weddings, once you've had one of your own.  While my wedding day was incredibly perfect and satisfying, I have never known that level of stress - it exceeding even signing my first mortgage.  So, it is very nice to go to a wedding, sit back, relax, and not be a major player in the proceedings.  I have two in August, so I need to double check when.

I'm laying low this evening, feeling a little under the weather, although the weather is fine.  I reached 100% of my my fundraising goal today for the End Cancer walk! Yay.  I'm now focusing exclusively on getting my teammates there so everyone can walk.  But tonight, I'm going to be taking er easy.

xo Tara

P.S. if I could buy anything new this year, it might be some cute, but comfortable shoes.  My twin looked askance at my footwear this week and asked in dismay if I had 'worn that to work'?  I guess I'm taking comfort to a new level.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swap Don't Shop Finally Has a New Event!

I've been waiting for ages and just noticed that Swap Don't Shop has an event this Saturday! June 19th from 10am-4pm at 300 Bloor St. West (Bloor St. United Church).  For women, it's $8 plus 5 swap items, and you get to leave with a bag.  Add an extra $5 if you don't bring items for swapping.  I think I will be bringing the items that didn't sell during my brief experimentation with ebay!  (For guys it's only $5.  Like haircuts, swapping is cheaper for the lads.)

I'm looking forward to it.  And I can end the day enjoying playing in a Euchre tournament fundraiser for my End Cancer Walk team.  I LOVE to play euchre.  It reminds me of endless evenings and summer days when I was in my 20's and had all the time in the world to just hang out.  But, we don't play it often enough now, mainly because it involves getting 4 people who know the game in the same room at the same time, without a bunch of other people who will feel bored/left out if they are not included.  It was fun then to play for the sake of playing something, and to not worry so much.  Perhaps I will cultivate channelling those values on Saturday.

xo Tara

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quotations of Old

My Nan had this saying that rings true today:

"I feels like I've been dragged through a knot hole and beat with the soot bag." 

Like many of you, I'm feeling overwhelmed and ill equipped as I sort through my grieving and mad dash back-to-work schedule of competing 'top priority' projects.  Then, the news of an acquaintance (a good pal of my wife) dying suddenly today at age 29 of 'deep vein thrombosis', until now a fictional risk in my experience.

It does put my woes in perspective.  And again, that reminder of how short life is.  But fortunately, some say, it's also wide.  And also let's make sure it's sweet.  Or for me, who doesn't have such a sweet tooth, let's say savory.  So make sure to salt and pepper those mangoes.

xo and please go get some sleep,

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Hot Day for Knitting

I'm waiting at my part time job to see if anyone will show up for knitting at 6pm.  Sometimes I get a bunch of people, sometimes no one.  It can be hard to get psyched up for it when part of you is feeling lazy and antsy with my own life to-do's.  I try just being where I'm at, and being fully present, and all that jazz, but being human, that is harder to pull off on some days than others.  Today, with my mind racing off on tangents, and the damp, warm air, it is tougher than the average June day to wax enthusiastic about knitting in unairconditioned splendour.

I am looking forward to tucking into the novel chosen by this job's book club though (just picked up from the library via my coworker).  It is a classic called Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.  That is easier to imagine experiencing flow with than the today's knitting.

Before I check out, I achieved a milestone today.  I did not gain any weight on my most recent trip to Newfoundland.  This has never happened in my lifetime.  I recall one memorable summer when I was 8 years old and came home at the end of the summer having gained 8 pounds.  That was a lot for a little girl and the photos show it.  I feel like the master of my domain having pulled off a week there and staying the same weight. It is hard for two reasons: sloth and gluttony.  In Newfoundland, I mainly hang out with grandparents in living rooms (not all that great of a calorie burning activity), and I tend to eat loaves of homemade white bread and foods fried in pork fat backs or boiled in salt beef with barely a vegetable.  This trip was different.  I was measured.  I practiced some control.  It was almost as hard as not smoking was in the early days.  But, strangely satisfying. 

xo Tara

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Near Misses of Some Recency

I'm back from my maternal grandmother's funeral in Newfoundland, and even more so than my last visit, it got me off track with daily bloggery.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to say goodbye and to speak a few words at the service.  This death was different from the last, in that, my grandmother lived alone, so she has a big house she has lived in for about 55 years that needs to be cleared out.  I was able to take some mementos and basically, I decided to choose practical things I can use and think of her, when I do.  I took an afghan, some plates, a pot, a casserole dish, a metal ladle, two photo books, 3 old-old-old tins (coffee, tea, and bread-they are yellow and beat up, and I love them.  I will use them with great joy), a magazine rack from the 60's (I've been wanting one since we moved), a Brownie camera (not so practical), and a terry bathroom, some face cloths and a cardigan.

So, a few near misses on my No New is Good News:

1. I didn't have any footwear except runners and my stepmother, whose house I was staying at, has feet two sizes smaller than me.  I was panicky that I'd have to go buy shoes.  The day was saved by two pairs of footwear - a) boots for the viewing thanks to a pair left behind by baby sister.  these looked great, but almost killed me by day end with their 3 inch heel.  I've gotten out of the heel habit.  And b) the day of the funeral, faced with torture boots or runners, I found a stretchy pair of bedazzled black flip flops with a heel.  Dress flops, if you will, belonging to my stepmother.  These barely stretched to accommodate my rather wide feet (sometimes referred to as being reminiscent of Fred Flinstone's feet).  These I wore to the funeral itself and disaster and shopping were averted.  I did spend the rest of my trip rather hobbled and wearing only the runners.

2. Just before the trip, I misplaced my wallet and agonized that I might have to buy a new key (my key was in it).  Wallet was found, but this led to much discussion about if key is outside bounds of what I can't buy (i.e.: would it fit in broader definition of 'health...and safety'?)

3. I didn't have a big rubbermaid or some such container to put my Nanny loot in to bring back to Toronto, and I could not buy one.  I considered buying one, but decided to bring a big suitcase back with me (I'm going back to Newfoundland in just 2.5 weeks for a holiday that was already booked.  Hopefully I can squeeze most of my stuff in without needing a container).

4.  Visiting my uncle's girlfriend's store I picked up a trivia book on Newfoundland and found it so interesting I decided to bring it home as a souvenir for my wife.  I brought it to the counter, and shopping was narrowly averted when my aunt said to me, "I thought you weren't buying anything new this year."  I did a double take and replied, "I'm not!" I totally forgot as I went into souvenir buying mode on a trip.  I'm glad she was there.  I felt like a cheapskate, but swiftly explained I'd be back to buy a book next year for sure.  It reminds me of when you start a new diet, or you decide to quit smoking and you wake up in the morning and once in a while you just forget.  I blame it on my sleep deprived grief-addled brain.  But it's funny because it's the first time someone else had to remind me of my No New is Good News and it's half way through June!

On the good for moi front, some updates:

1. Got some used loot from grandmother, mother, stepmother, and sister.
2. Sold a few items on eBay.  So far, I'm thinking it is NOT worth the effort.  The gist of it is I made about $70 on 7 items (plus shipping).   I think I'd use the reserve price next time.  But, my clearing clutter hero, Brooks Palmer, would say it is better to just get rid of it, versus hanging on for big bucks you'll likely never get.  I will be mailing out two items tomorrow that I have just received payment for.  It was an interesting exercise, but time consuming.
3. I've sent personal emails to my contacts up to letter J, for my fundraiser, which is one week away tomorrow.  Now, on to K-Z....
4. I've already unpacked and decluttered my home, and I just flew back today.

xo Tara

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Goodbye

Today, my mother's mother, Nanny Stuckless, died.  I spoke to her everyday since January, except when I couldn't get through on the phone.  We had a real relationship, based on sharing the minutiae of our days.  She's the one who taught me how to make slippers at Christmas, and my twin how to make those wicked crooked mittens.  I hung out with her in January leading up to her gallbladder removal, and in April we had a short but sweet visit when I was home for Pop's funeral. I usually called her from the bus to see how her day was going, what the news was, and which new Christian romance she was reading.  She warned me about any recent Toronto murders on the news and marveled that with my busy Toronto life 'I still found time to call the likes of she' everyday, and I felt good.  We always found stuff to talk about even though, due to her Pentecostal religious faith, I never did come out to her about my relationship and marriage to my wife.  I didn't want her to have to waste her last years worried about my soul.  But she probably guessed about Dawn and I - she stopped trying to marry me off to nice young men in her church a long time ago. 

She'd been feeling pain in her side for a few weeks.  We thought she had pneumonia - turned out it was breast cancer that had spread to her lung.  The biopsy results weren't even back yet.  We were still waiting to hear the prognosis, i.e.: how many months they'd expect her to live and then suddenly it was weeks, or days, or oops maybe just hours.  It happened in a minute.  Well, that's how it felt.  I am going back to Newfoundland tomorrow to bury another grandparent, less than 6 weeks after my last.  This horrible feeling is maybe the definition of being a grown up.

I made her a card in the art group I've been doing with clients at work and sent it on Wednesday.  It makes me sad to think about it arriving at her home, the home she won't get to go home to again, and having no Nanny around to open it.  Okay, that's about it for me tonight.  (That's us taken during my January visit.  I look pretty excited to be hanging out with her, eh?).

xo Tara

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mom Bound

I'm off to see Mom very shortly.  It's Saturday morning and our road trip took a little longer to reach Ottawa than originally planned, so I crashed with my sister and her beau at my Stepfather's last night.  My stepfather is off cycling to Kingston and back with his bike club today and tomorrow (a two hour car ride each way), so I will use that as inspiration to get some serious walking in.  Mom has already called over and is excited to get our Mother-Daughter love fest going and announced she will be buying me dinner tonight.  I love being treated to dinner, especially since I've become such a 'stingebag', as my old pal, Mark would say. 

xo Tara

Friday, June 4, 2010

Road Trip

I had a pleasant and full day today at work saying farewell to a lovely young woman who has been my student on a placement these last 2 months.  She is only 25 but has had at least a couple of lifetime's worth of life's experiences and trials and yet, is such a fun, grounded, solid citizen.  I'm going to miss having her around.  I do still have the two lovely Irish students, who will be with me until June 25th and I must say, I am blessed with good fortune when it comes to the students who've been sent to me.

I'm taking a relatively impromptu road trip to Ottawa this evening to spend time with my mother.  You may remember my mother from my posting re:  Value Village Second Thoughts back in January.  I haven't seen her since that trip and I miss her dearly.  She is a lot of fun, and will definitely be supportive in my ongoing efforts not to buy anything new (or for that matter used!).  It's 5 months and going strong!  FYI: Mom is a regular fan of my blog, which helps me keep a civil tongue in my head.  We have a lot to talk about as her mother, my beloved Nanny Stuckless, is quite ill in the hospital, so it will soon be time for another trip to my ancestral homeland, Newfoundland, to have a grandparent love-in. 

I am looking forward to basking in my mother's love.  As an uncle put it recently, 'There are far to few people in this world for whom you can do no wrong'.  In a way, Mom is one of those people.  Of course, our grandparents are also those people, and the loss of them is so hard for that and so many other reasons.  Basically, it's nice to go home to Mom, and simply enjoy her being delighted with me for existing.  It's also fun to spend time with her.  I am looking forward to us walking a lot, chatting, maybe doing something metaphysical, and I also love just hanging out and reading with my Mom.

Okay, so I have to get cracking on my personalized begging of people to attend my fundraiser.  I did achieve the other two of last night's goals, including: 1. watching the rest of season one of '24', 2. putting all eleven of my for sale items on eBay.  I am thinking of this as an experiment.  If it doesn't work out, then I can just release those items to the universe and have more space in my home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm really enjoying the 'curry in a hurry' I grabbed on my way home.  Veggies and rice for $6.20 tax included.  I got so hungry by the time I was there, I finally had to cave and get some and it is not disappointing.

Tonight will be a night of working on some nagging tasks:

1. finish last two episodes of season one of 24 (I watched a couple of later season's earlier with my wife and wanted to cram in season one before she has to return it to her friend who wants it to lend on further asap).  I know this is a lofty goal to write about :)
2. finish entering my last 8 out of 10 items on eBay
3. send personal, friendly emails inviting everyone I have ever met to my Weekend to End Breast Cancer FUNdraiser on Monday June 21st at 9pm at Comedy Bar, that is 945 Bloor St. W. Toronto.  I'm actually very close to my goal, but we are working as a team of 7 women, and each needs to raise $2000 to walk, so I am helping the rest of the team get to their goals so we can all walk together with this FUNdraiser.  I'm excited because I've got a seriously amazing lineup!

Well, all this should keep me busy till about 4 am, so I guess I'd better split.

xo Tara

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Rain

Today I was able to walk to work, but it basically has rained buckets since about 3pm until I got home around 8ish.  I also spent from 4:45pm until I got home either on the TTC or waiting for the TTC.  That's three and a quarter hours outside that I was not biking and was definitely not enjoying a feeling of 'freedom'.  In fact, with construction and rush hour and the rain soaked smelly masses, it was challenging to keep a smile on, but I studiously practiced my mindfulness strategies with mediocre success.

Then my wife came home shortly after me and our mutual appreciation society meeting really turned my frown upside down as we had a good belly laugh and enjoyed each other's company.  We've been working hard on stuff lately that is making us feel close and lovey dovey.

Then, I just had to go and ruin it by giving her a humourless, high-horse lecture about money.  Note to self: uncool.  I'm going to go tickle her to neutralize the situation. 

xo Tara
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tall in the Saddle

One of my students from Ireland called my bicycle seat a saddle today.  I thought it was funny.  It's so wide it does look like a saddle, but I'd never heard a bike seat called that before.  And yesterday my wife told me that if you ride your bike seated up tall using just two fingers on the handles, it's a great core workout.  Bloody marvellous invention, the bicycle.  I've been riding mine a lot.  For me a lot means that this week I've ridden it 4 times for over an hour each time. 

And I have been really enjoying it.  I notice how fast it is.  That is, compared to the speed at which I walk.  Not fast compared to the speed at which other people cycle.  In fact, I am constantly amazed at how they all seem to whiz by me and on ahead like they are in a mad dash.  Not me.  I'm a nervous pedestrian and passenger and I gave up driving a car.  But on a bike I feel strangely safe, so long as I am going slow enough that if I got 'doored' it wouldn't even hurt that much.  That's my comfort zone. 

I'm talking so much about cycling both because I am so excited to have out my cute, bubble gum pink cruiser to show off around the playground and water cooler, but also, because it is one of the points made by Tom Hodgkinson, the dude who wrote the book I'm reading, 'How to be Free'.  He says if you live in the city, ride a bike instead of transit or car, that way you are in the city, but kind of flowing through in it a happy, free way.  He says sitting crammed in the subway with unsmiling strangers will not improve your sense of feeling free. 

Also, he talks about creating versus just being 'consumers' and what an awful role we are put in these days, as being constantly advertised to as consumers.  He says:

"To free yourself from the cycle of work-spend-debt-work, simply stop consuming and start creating.  The money system has created an internal division inside all of us between the producer and the consumer.  Every day the ordinary people of the country are referred to as 'consumers', which is a terribly avaricious word.  Think of the other meaning of 'consumption', a deadly disease of romantic poets, which consume the body until expired, having been sapped, drained, used up, emptied out.  To be a consumer is to drain the world, to eat it, to stuff it into our faces, to wither it, to dry up its resources, to mine it of all its bounty; in short, to kill it.  But being a creator or a producer, that is the very opposite."

It's also a very funny book, and he highly values the importance of food, drink, and tobacco but otherwise says we don't need much besides friends.  Okay, time to wrap it up and hit the road on my pink rocket.

xo Tara