Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Things

It feels nice to have picked out the 5 items I'm taking to Swap Don't Shop.  They are in a tidy pile ready to go, and I feel like the chi (or how ever you spell it?) is flowing a little more easily already :)

Hopefully the things I bring home in exchange for these 5 items will be useful, frequently rotated members of my wardrobe.  I'm getting rid of two purses, a glittery wrap, a blouse that I think I might find too hot, and a button up, short sleeved top made of something too fuzzy that I know for sure makes me overheated.  Perhaps they will make some chronically chilled individual thrilled.

I am hoping to snag a pair of sunglasses and maybe shoes that haven't really been worn.  We'll see if there's any clothing in my Rubenesque size, and indeed if there's anything there worth getting.

I'm meeting my pal, Sarah outside the swap tomorrow around noon.  For this evening, it is chill-out time.  I have been feeling a bit burnt-out (kind of the opposite of chill-out, I suppose), so I am looking forward to hanging out in pyjamas this evening and catching up on some reading and maybe some Nurse Jackie.

xo Tara

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