Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clothing Swap

I really enjoyed swapping, but my friend Sarah felt that I was a little less discerning in my taste than her.  Apparently not buying anything new (for almost 6 months now!) tends to make one less fussy.  I brought home a bulging bag of over 10 items, whereas she struggled to find a few.

Some of my finds: 
  • Three 100% wool sweaters to shrink down in hot hot water, then hot dryer to use for 'felt'.  I'm going to cut patches to sew on my slippers with the felt I make.  I'm practically a pioneer, folks.
  • A blazer that is very promising but it has been becrapzzled with the ugliest trim and buttons and ornamental uselessness imaginable.  The actual blazer, however has 'good bones'.  So I will see if it looks nice after I get at it with my stitch ripper.
  • A couple of T-shirts that I plan to cut up and experiment with, but their slogans looked like they would make fun Pride shirts.
  • A hoodie and a regular work-a-day t-shirt.
Sarah and I then went out for a pint and a few laughs after swapping, until I had to dash off and
I have been on the go ever since with FUNdraiser stuff (last night the euchre, and today prepping for tomorrow's comedy).  

Looking forward to a good night tomorrow, but also to the sweet relief of being done my big job (well, besides the walking 60K part, that is). 

My wife surprised me with a stack of money last night.  Life is good.

xo Tara

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