Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heroic Measures

I've decided to go to heroic measures this next week, on the off chance that I can win the Laing family weight loss challenge.  This might not be a terribly feminist or healthy thing to do, but I am getting the sense that I have a real chance and seeing as it's only 6 days till the final weigh in - and a possible win of $800 hangs in the balance, I am going for it.  Who's zooming who?  I want to win.  I would love to get that cash infusion just days before my summer vacation. 

To clarify, by heroic measures, what I actually mean is drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating according to Weight Watcher's daily recommended points allotment, and exercising daily.  I don't mean starvation and/or purging or anything weird.  But given my natural Taurean tendencies, just being sensible and healthy consistently for 6 days is very heroic on my part.  There will be time for gluttony and boozery just in the nick of time for my wife's Pride Show on Wednesday next week.  She and our friend Mae Martin are doing a double bill comedy show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto called 'Proud Larry's' on Wed. the 30th, which also marks the beginning of my two week vacation. I can't wait!

I am pretty pooped after last night's excellent FUNdraiser and a full day, including the launch of a film I made at my work, so I am feeling pretty close to hitting the sack.  Sweet dreams.

xo Tara

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