Sunday, June 13, 2010

Near Misses of Some Recency

I'm back from my maternal grandmother's funeral in Newfoundland, and even more so than my last visit, it got me off track with daily bloggery.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to say goodbye and to speak a few words at the service.  This death was different from the last, in that, my grandmother lived alone, so she has a big house she has lived in for about 55 years that needs to be cleared out.  I was able to take some mementos and basically, I decided to choose practical things I can use and think of her, when I do.  I took an afghan, some plates, a pot, a casserole dish, a metal ladle, two photo books, 3 old-old-old tins (coffee, tea, and bread-they are yellow and beat up, and I love them.  I will use them with great joy), a magazine rack from the 60's (I've been wanting one since we moved), a Brownie camera (not so practical), and a terry bathroom, some face cloths and a cardigan.

So, a few near misses on my No New is Good News:

1. I didn't have any footwear except runners and my stepmother, whose house I was staying at, has feet two sizes smaller than me.  I was panicky that I'd have to go buy shoes.  The day was saved by two pairs of footwear - a) boots for the viewing thanks to a pair left behind by baby sister.  these looked great, but almost killed me by day end with their 3 inch heel.  I've gotten out of the heel habit.  And b) the day of the funeral, faced with torture boots or runners, I found a stretchy pair of bedazzled black flip flops with a heel.  Dress flops, if you will, belonging to my stepmother.  These barely stretched to accommodate my rather wide feet (sometimes referred to as being reminiscent of Fred Flinstone's feet).  These I wore to the funeral itself and disaster and shopping were averted.  I did spend the rest of my trip rather hobbled and wearing only the runners.

2. Just before the trip, I misplaced my wallet and agonized that I might have to buy a new key (my key was in it).  Wallet was found, but this led to much discussion about if key is outside bounds of what I can't buy (i.e.: would it fit in broader definition of 'health...and safety'?)

3. I didn't have a big rubbermaid or some such container to put my Nanny loot in to bring back to Toronto, and I could not buy one.  I considered buying one, but decided to bring a big suitcase back with me (I'm going back to Newfoundland in just 2.5 weeks for a holiday that was already booked.  Hopefully I can squeeze most of my stuff in without needing a container).

4.  Visiting my uncle's girlfriend's store I picked up a trivia book on Newfoundland and found it so interesting I decided to bring it home as a souvenir for my wife.  I brought it to the counter, and shopping was narrowly averted when my aunt said to me, "I thought you weren't buying anything new this year."  I did a double take and replied, "I'm not!" I totally forgot as I went into souvenir buying mode on a trip.  I'm glad she was there.  I felt like a cheapskate, but swiftly explained I'd be back to buy a book next year for sure.  It reminds me of when you start a new diet, or you decide to quit smoking and you wake up in the morning and once in a while you just forget.  I blame it on my sleep deprived grief-addled brain.  But it's funny because it's the first time someone else had to remind me of my No New is Good News and it's half way through June!

On the good for moi front, some updates:

1. Got some used loot from grandmother, mother, stepmother, and sister.
2. Sold a few items on eBay.  So far, I'm thinking it is NOT worth the effort.  The gist of it is I made about $70 on 7 items (plus shipping).   I think I'd use the reserve price next time.  But, my clearing clutter hero, Brooks Palmer, would say it is better to just get rid of it, versus hanging on for big bucks you'll likely never get.  I will be mailing out two items tomorrow that I have just received payment for.  It was an interesting exercise, but time consuming.
3. I've sent personal emails to my contacts up to letter J, for my fundraiser, which is one week away tomorrow.  Now, on to K-Z....
4. I've already unpacked and decluttered my home, and I just flew back today.

xo Tara

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Tena Laing said...

Wow! That's quite a post. I've been consumed with reports and am nowhere near unpacked or decluttered. You are an inspiration. xo