Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Rain

Today I was able to walk to work, but it basically has rained buckets since about 3pm until I got home around 8ish.  I also spent from 4:45pm until I got home either on the TTC or waiting for the TTC.  That's three and a quarter hours outside that I was not biking and was definitely not enjoying a feeling of 'freedom'.  In fact, with construction and rush hour and the rain soaked smelly masses, it was challenging to keep a smile on, but I studiously practiced my mindfulness strategies with mediocre success.

Then my wife came home shortly after me and our mutual appreciation society meeting really turned my frown upside down as we had a good belly laugh and enjoyed each other's company.  We've been working hard on stuff lately that is making us feel close and lovey dovey.

Then, I just had to go and ruin it by giving her a humourless, high-horse lecture about money.  Note to self: uncool.  I'm going to go tickle her to neutralize the situation. 

xo Tara
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