Friday, June 4, 2010

Road Trip

I had a pleasant and full day today at work saying farewell to a lovely young woman who has been my student on a placement these last 2 months.  She is only 25 but has had at least a couple of lifetime's worth of life's experiences and trials and yet, is such a fun, grounded, solid citizen.  I'm going to miss having her around.  I do still have the two lovely Irish students, who will be with me until June 25th and I must say, I am blessed with good fortune when it comes to the students who've been sent to me.

I'm taking a relatively impromptu road trip to Ottawa this evening to spend time with my mother.  You may remember my mother from my posting re:  Value Village Second Thoughts back in January.  I haven't seen her since that trip and I miss her dearly.  She is a lot of fun, and will definitely be supportive in my ongoing efforts not to buy anything new (or for that matter used!).  It's 5 months and going strong!  FYI: Mom is a regular fan of my blog, which helps me keep a civil tongue in my head.  We have a lot to talk about as her mother, my beloved Nanny Stuckless, is quite ill in the hospital, so it will soon be time for another trip to my ancestral homeland, Newfoundland, to have a grandparent love-in. 

I am looking forward to basking in my mother's love.  As an uncle put it recently, 'There are far to few people in this world for whom you can do no wrong'.  In a way, Mom is one of those people.  Of course, our grandparents are also those people, and the loss of them is so hard for that and so many other reasons.  Basically, it's nice to go home to Mom, and simply enjoy her being delighted with me for existing.  It's also fun to spend time with her.  I am looking forward to us walking a lot, chatting, maybe doing something metaphysical, and I also love just hanging out and reading with my Mom.

Okay, so I have to get cracking on my personalized begging of people to attend my fundraiser.  I did achieve the other two of last night's goals, including: 1. watching the rest of season one of '24', 2. putting all eleven of my for sale items on eBay.  I am thinking of this as an experiment.  If it doesn't work out, then I can just release those items to the universe and have more space in my home.

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