Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuned Out

I spent the day with my sister doing a few errands and then some very pleasant writing/editing.  I'm trying to get some of my 'swap' clothing items tailored, but nothing was open on a Sunday.  It is somewhat disconcerting to be sitting at home now and seeing the news of the G20 happenings of the day.  I tend to be a bit of a chicken with news.  I joke that I like to be on a 'news diet'.  I find it heavy on the negative at the best of times.  But, of course, an event like the G20 is an exercise in extremes.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow now.  I'll be organizing a Pride event that I am helping host at my part time job on Tuesday.  My coworker and I, being bonafide gaylords, are curious to see who, if anyone, will come out to our Pride celebration, but are happy to be issuing the invitation. 

Tomorrow, FYI is 30% off at Value Village.  Who knows, I may make it in time tomorrow before they close up to get myself some used clothing deals.  I'm thinking I might like some summer work-worthy clothing.

Anyway, good night and peace y'all.

xo Tara

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Unknown said...

You have used my favourite word gaylord in the best way!!