Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updates R Us

So, I thought I'd update you on a few items:

Clothing Swap Reno's: I took my bedazzled blazer to be dry cleaned (as I'm a bit phobic about used stuff).  The other items I've washed at home.  The blazer will soon be getting dedazzled.  The t-shirts I've yet to reno.  One sort of uniform-styled short sleeved shirt I took in for an update.  I wanted to make it sexier.  Get this:  It is going to cost me $40 to have the sleeves taken in, and the back, front and sides taken in.  I sure hope it's sexier in the end.  My free 'swap' shirt is going to end up costing me the going shirt rate.  BUT, no new shirts will have been created to make it, and hopefully it will fit me so well, it will be life changing, or something cool like that.

Gaylord Night at Work:  We hosted a Pride event tonight at my work and 7 tenants came!  That is a lot.  We typically only get 7 out if we are having an amazing cooking event or something equivalent.  Also, thanks to Stella for commenting on my use of the word 'Gaylord'.  I used it a lot in grade 6 and then not again until I met my wife, and we now use it fondly to refer to queer-ish types of our ilk.  Not sure how widely used it is, but it sure is a great word!

Laing Family Weight Loss Contest Win:  So... I won the contest.  Turns out I only had to drop 14.8 lbs in the almost 2 months.  Other months the winners were much bigger losers, but I guess this was a lackadaisical contest and my efforts were sufficient.  I won the princely sum of $800 for this.  It felt amazing.  The money will be swiftly eaten up with obligations, but I am setting aside $200 of it to shop with impunity for clothing for myself at Value Village.  Otherwise, the accountant, the tax man, Roger's, and Fido all have dibs on my blood money (or should I say 'adipose tissue money', but you get the drift).  In any case, dropping almost 15 lbs has had a side benefit of making some of my old clothing fit me again, which is a great boon to a gal who is not buying anything new!  I am a bit bummed I missed yesterday's 30% off day at Value Village, but that seems kind of par for the course this year. 

Vacation coming up:  Tomorrow is my last day of work then I have 2 weeks + 2 days of vacation, and I can't wait to just hang out, and of course see some of my ancestral homeland, Newfoundland, like a tourist.  (We are going to go up the Northern Peninsula in a camper).  Also, tomorrow night when I am done my last day of work, my wife and our pal, Mae are doing their Pride show, Proud Larrys, so I get a lovely mini Pride of 1 day only, before I head off.  I am really looking forward to the show and to dancing after.  It's been a bit of a long, hard haul lately, and it is time to celebrate.  If you are into Pride comedy shows, I'll leave the poster up, since my wife was good enough to help with my comedy FUNdraiser :)

Anyone a Stand By Me fan?  The poster is a tribute to that one.

xo Tara

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