Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm really enjoying the 'curry in a hurry' I grabbed on my way home.  Veggies and rice for $6.20 tax included.  I got so hungry by the time I was there, I finally had to cave and get some and it is not disappointing.

Tonight will be a night of working on some nagging tasks:

1. finish last two episodes of season one of 24 (I watched a couple of later season's earlier with my wife and wanted to cram in season one before she has to return it to her friend who wants it to lend on further asap).  I know this is a lofty goal to write about :)
2. finish entering my last 8 out of 10 items on eBay
3. send personal, friendly emails inviting everyone I have ever met to my Weekend to End Breast Cancer FUNdraiser on Monday June 21st at 9pm at Comedy Bar, that is 945 Bloor St. W. Toronto.  I'm actually very close to my goal, but we are working as a team of 7 women, and each needs to raise $2000 to walk, so I am helping the rest of the team get to their goals so we can all walk together with this FUNdraiser.  I'm excited because I've got a seriously amazing lineup!

Well, all this should keep me busy till about 4 am, so I guess I'd better split.

xo Tara

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