Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boating to Breakfast

Nothing says I'm on vacation like hopping aboard my Dad's boat and riding across the bay to have breakfast in Woody Point.  It is so beautiful here in Norris Point.  I'll have to get a snap or two to share.  We took his boat over and docked it at the Legion, where the hard core patrons were already having their morning beer.  We walked along the adorable waterfront and had breakfast at a sweet little spot with a gorgeous view of mountains and water in both directions.  It's so warm I sat on the front of the boat on the way back.  I am going golfing with the lads shortly.  I won't be playing.  I'm going to the be the driver and just go along for the company, the walk/golf cart ride and the view.  And, I just spoke to my Aunt who is lending me her house for our two week trip, which is amazing.  I feel so lucky, and now I know for sure we can have a nice cheapskate holiday here, thank goodness.  I'm trying really hard to stay caught up financially, and travelling can be pricey without having to pay for accommodation.  With my Aunt's free house (she's away all summer) we get a little breathing room, can buy groceries for ourselves to eat a bit healthier and eat out less, and have just enough space to ourselves, but still be right across the street from family. 

xo Tara

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