Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I'm back in Toronto and of course am readjusting to being in a big city versus a small, Newfoundland community.  I am already full to brim on my to-do list, but wanted to share a bit of my trip with you (besides the icebergs).

These are the socks my wife bought me.  I felt good receiving this souvenir, which I mentioned before was made by our good friend Trina's aunt.  

I also got gifted a lot of other things.  My tote bag for Norris Point's Come Home Year (kind of like a family reunion for a whole community).  My pen/keychain for Come Home Year.  A Gros Morne tank dress.  A Come Home Year sweatshirt.  A Gros Morne hoodie.  It almost became ridiculous.  It became too easy to accept gifts from others.  I think I let my stepmother and mother-in-law do too much for me and was a bit passive about the whole thing.  A year of not buying anything new probably shouldn't result in so much new stuff.  

Some gifts I feel less guilty about are the slippers and dish cloths my nanny knit me.  I also brought home a suitcase full of things I chose to keep from my other nanny (who died in June).  Like this beat up old set of canisters and breadbox she's had my whole life that I capitol L Love.

Some highlights of the rest of my trip include spending time with family, going on the Western Brook Pond boat tour, and most of all, being able to be a part of the Come Home Year parade.  The town probably tripled in population for the festivities, which I got to be a part of the first two days only.  (It goes on until the 27th of July).  On Friday we had some opening ceremony stuff celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the incorporation of the town.  People gave speeches and there was some music.  

On Saturday was the real big deal.  A parade through town by all the families in Norris Point, each carrying a banner.  We marched with my dad, two aunts, two uncles, two baby cousins and their mom, and my nanny - finally convinced to let us push her in the wheel chair - and me.  It was highly tear inducing.  It was such a feel good event, you could not buy that kind of good will and sweetness no matter how much money you had.  It has been very tough to leave.

One of my new/old money goals is a renewed commitment to build a family cottage with my sister in Norris Point.  I will be redirecting some of my savings this year towards that cottage dream.


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