Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling Energized

I'm feeling somewhat energized about life, money, and work today, which is nice to be able to report.  There is a slight whiff of change in the air, and I have also been focusing some attention on my goals to do with money.  I have created two ING savings accounts entitled 'Cottage Savings' and 'England Trip' to help us hone in on our goals of a cottage in Newfoundland asap and a trip to England for our Anniversary on November 22nd this year.

This evening I was inspired by the blog Consumption Rebellion.  You may recall I joined her and some others a while back for a No Spend Week.  It was a great experience and it forced me to pay attention to what I mindlessly spend money on, and to realize that by planning, you can spend a lot less.  Of course, you also might end up missing out on impromptu social events that require money when you do a no spend week, but it is a good lesson and a great way to kick start some savings or a change of habits.

This week Consumption Rebellion is doing a new challenge, which is to only spend $50 during her fortnight pay period (on incidentals, i.e.: not including bills and regularly budgeted expenses).  You can check out her progress on her blog.  I am about to revisit my budget to scrimp for ways to hammer out a few more bucks to add to the Cottage and Trip funds.  I will keep you posted on the amounts as they grow.  I only have about 4 months to save for our trip.  The cottage I want to get going on while my Dad still is strong and willing and able to wheel and deal and help build it.  Soon, I will give you an update on my financial picture and what 201 days of not buying anything new has wrought thus far.


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