Friday, July 9, 2010

Iceberg Hunting

I've had kind of sporadic connection to internet this trip and my cell doesn't work at all on the west coast of Newfoundland, so I'm sort of enjoying being unplugged (most of the time).  Sometimes, it's a nuisance, since I get pretty reliant on my phone.  Ah well. 

I've had my two parent's birthdays since I last wrote.  Dad's was on the 6th.  I wanted to buy him a golf shirt (he's just taken it up and look more like a motorcycle dude than a golfer), but can't due to my buy nothing new year.  In honour of his birthday I slept in until 2pm and then spent a couple of hours making him a giant card with a lot of collage elements - pulling things from magazines. For Mom's birthday on the 8th, I called her and emailed her $50 to do with as she will.  I can't really buy her anything, but I did say in my groundrules that $$$ was acceptable to give.  My wife's birthday is coming up on Monday, so I will be looking for ways to help her feel celebrated without buying anything.

I'm looking forward to the rest of today/this weekend.  We are driving 4 hours up the coast to the tip of the Northern Peninsula, and apparently we may get to take a boat out to see some icebergs.  I've never seen a 'live' one before.  We'll also check out the communities along the coast, some gorgeous, and certainly a lot of them kind of barren and rugged with the tuckamore trees along the water's edge(stunted from the wind off the ocean).  We'll do some touristy things, eat too much and hang out with good friends.  I haven't bought anything but a little bit of food.  Very little.  People have been very generous about feeding us feasts of homemade seafood and other treats.  Around these parts I don't even have to buy drinks, they are liberally supplied by friends and family.  Our Dad's good buddy is the Molson rep, and he 'sponsors' our trips home like they were amphetheatre concerts.

Talk to you soon,

xo Tara

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