Friday, July 23, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers AGAIN

You may have heard me wax eloquent about the kindness of strangers, when a woman I have still never met gave me her Olympic mitts since I couldn't buy any myself and was going to Vancouver during the winter games.

Here goes again, where I do the same.  A fellow traveller on my recent trip to Newfoundland took a lot of pics with her very nice camera, and when I gave her my card after, she delighted me by sending me a 'smilebox' collection of our whale and iceberg watching, plus some extra snaps of Trina, me wife, and I.   Not sure I can access the solid gold smilebox collection to show a whale pic or two, but here are a few to show how we rode out the Toronto heatwave in Newfoundland style while enjoying whales and icebergs...

And a reminder that a gift of thoughtfulness meant more to me than many a gift of stuff has.  A good note to self when I am gifting to others.

Looking forward to some hardcore downtime this weekend.

xo Tara

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