Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Many Places I've Travelled, But This is My Home'

This is my grandmother's garden looking out over the bay.  You can see our friend Margaret's cottage just on the right.  The spot I want to carve out a piece of heaven is off to the right on a cliff also overlooking the bay, called Shoal Point.  The brown, flat mountains far left are the Tablelands, a geological wonder and part of the reason Gros Morne National Park was named a UNESCO world heritage site.  They are part of the earth's mantle risen up and apparently that is quite a big deal.  It's a very inspiring location.

Today I put in the kind of working day - at both my jobs - that employers only dream of.  I worked flat out, at both jobs, and really tackled a bunch of nagging tasks, like thinning out files and doing annoying tasks I've been putting off, in some cases for years.  There's a lot more to do, but it sure feels nice.  I feel like I'm taking some of that great clutter busting stuff to the workplace and I can almost feel the chi starting to flow.  I will sleep well tonight.


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