Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pride Stuff

My wife's comedy show last night was so great.  A full house, a great energy, and everyone laughing and smiling all night.  Great chemistry between her and her comedic partner, Mae.  Such a nice event for my one night only Pride party.  I'm off to Newfoundland for my summer vacation tomorrow so I will be missing the big weekend with the marches and parades etc.  But, I will be doing my part to 'gay it forward' as she says, by introducing my mother-in-law (she and my wife fly to Newfoundland to join me on Sunday) to my grandmother.  We've never done a trip or even an overnight with my mother-in-law, so it will be an adventure. 

Re: No New Stuff:  I'm still doing well SIX MONTHS IN!  Nothing new bought and yesterday I wore the skirt I've been thinking of tossing, because it fit like a sausage casing about the waist, but instead I stitch ripped out half the flat pleats.  Now it sits sweetly, like a bell.  And strangers were coming up to me and saying how much they liked it.  The book 'Closet Control' my mom got me in May for my birthday has definitely been an inspiration in the playing around with clothes to good effect category.  I'm a bit bummed because I missed Monday's 30% off at Value Village and they are having another on Saturday, the day after I leave.  I still have not gone on my $200 spree to Value Village from my Laing Family weight loss challenge win money.  But, the $200 has been set aside specifically for that. 

I'm just working on packing now, and have actually put my own suitcase inside a big, old one of my wife's.  The extra one I plan to use to bring back some things from my grandmother's house.  I gathered a few practical and sentimental things that I felt I would use and did not have space my last trip back after the funeral.  I'm excited to be doing a holiday trip, but also know I'll have some sad moments when I can't go see Nanny anymore, or go to her empty house.  I should thank my lucky stars I still have one grandmother living, so that's just what I'll do.  Thanks stars.

xo Nighty Night

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Tena Laing said...

MIssing Nanny and Poppy and thanking stars for all the lucky years with them, but still sad, so sad. Lucky, lucky, sad, sad. xoxo