Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Hand Shoes Fall in My Lap

I am a few hours into my Newfoundland trip and I already have a brand new, used pair of shoes.  I lucked out because our neighbour bought two pairs of sneakers and one was accidentally a size too big for her.  I am delighted because she charged me $6 and they fit me perfectly and have only been worn half a minute by her.  And, as you all know, and shoes are the yucky-est thing to buy used, so this works very well for me.

I was the first one out in tonight's card game.  We gamble a lot as a family.  We each put in $5 for the cards, so the pot is $45, but no one was having mercy on me although I just got home, since I just won $800 off them.  We had fresh fish (cod + cod tongues) for dinner and did some golfing in the garden.  We practiced chipping into a kind of of target basket and I got 2 balls in the basket.  I was so thrilled with myself.  I haven't golfed in about 18 years, and this is a new family thing for us.

Tomorrow, we'll be hiking the hill, trying out my stepmother's new walk-run routine, and getting some fresh salmon going for dinner.  Yay.

xo Tara

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