Monday, July 12, 2010

Wife's Birthday


I'm still in Newfoundland this week.  Since it's my wife's birthday, and in honour of that, I'm wearing a nice pink party dress all day.  She appreciates this and it is the kind of no-new-stuff gift I can give.  I'm also giving her some cash that she will almost certainly spend on 'stuff', but that is within the ground rules.

We were just given slippers and dishcloths from my Nan as an early Christmas gift and my wife bought me a souvenir (up the coast) of handmade slippers knit by our pal, Trina's aunt.  They are so well made my uncle's girlfriend swore they had to be machine knit.  I like supporting the local crafts people's knowledge and labour, but needed to rely on my wife to do the actual buying.

Here is a pic of me enjoying mother nature's gift of my first iceberg.  That was seriously cool.  And there were also lots of whales jumping and flashing tail, if you like that kind of thing :)

xo Tara

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