Tuesday, August 31, 2010

$5 Worth of Blueberries

Due to my stunned ineptitude I am in the unenviable position of having to wait for my 'manual paycheque' to clear the bank.  My mortgage will go through okay, but the wiggle room money is severely compromised - aka frozen - until further notice.  Ugh.  I've been contemplating how to blow the last $5 burning a hole in my pocket. My wife, who is home sick and finally today feeling a flutter of appetite, asked if there was any chance I could get some blueberries.  So folks, that's what I'll be spending my last 5 bucks on.

I remember a few years ago...  Okay, 20 years ago, to be more precise...  Being down to my last 5 bucks. My twin had moved to London, Ontario to spend the summer with me (from Quebec City).  She was looking for work and I was making about $6 an hour working at the campus convenience store 20 hours a week.  We were not very rich.  She didn't like me smoking and was quite judgemental about it.  She decided to hide my cigarettes.  When I discovered what had happened I calmly told her 'Give them back or I'm going to go and spend our last $5 on a new pack.'  She cried and wailed and ultimately gave them back.  Then we ate Ramen Noodles like kings for a week.  We also ate something horrifying to think about called 'macarroni and cheese loaf' which looked like sliced bologna with mac and cheese chunks peppered through it.

The moral of this story?  You gotta blow that last $5 on something, and it could be a lot worse than blueberries.

My wife finally gets to see her GP tomorrow.  Here's hoping it ain't pneumonia.

xo Tara

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