Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Brother's Blog

I'm back from the wilderness.  I am glad to be back, but as I said before, it is nice to go nature-ish and not be too plugged in for a bit. 

A few updates re: My No New is Good News:

1. I've bought nothing new for 7 months as of yesterday.  Yee haw.
2. I am in a bit of a panic as I have an important interview this month and can't go shopping for it.  I will need to pull together some borrowed togs.  I shall have to go begging from well-dressed, same-sized pals.
3. After my camping and cottage week, I have added these items to my Jan. 1st, 2011 shopping list: bathing suit, water shoes, Tilly hat.  I really need a hat to keep the sun off me.  (hmmmm, that might carry as a health purchase, but I'll forgo it until 2011).  What I've been wearing to swim is so embarrassing.  A giant pair of patterned quick-dry shorts, a threadbare flowery tankini top, with a faded bikini top underneath.  None of these pieces matches, and I'm not sure where any of their missing brethren are.
4. I had to cash in $1000 bucks of my Canada Savings Bonds because my latest pay cheque came in at just $888.  Ugh.  I had several unpaid days apres summer vacation due to a miscalculation of how many vacation days I had left. 
5. I heard about an app I can put on my iPod for budgeting.  I need to look into this to help me make my goals of getting ahead, keeping up with day to day, and also making my cottage a reality.  We just got our latest Roger's bill, which is a staggering $441.09.  It is for cable, Internet, cell, and land-line,  But, seriously, somethings gotta give.   That is just too much.  Is anyone else paying this much for that stuff?

An interesting thing I found out yesterday is that my baby brother is going to be starting a blog on finances.  I read some of his preliminary prose and found it very entertaining.  Keep in mind, he and I could probably not be farther apart in terms of taste, lifestyle, etc. but I am keen to see him get going on it.  His goal is to explain economics and financial principles to the masses (or at least his girlfriend and his fellow frat brothers, all of whom are around 24 years old).  He did a degree in Money, and works in Money, and is a 24 year old frat boy.  But, he is my baby brother, is turning out to be pretty darned smart, and was both a bride's boy at my gay wedding and a student of my wife's comedy class so, there's hope for him yet!  And I look forward to learning more about economics etc.  I will also encourage him to read my more micro take on things. 

Speaking of that, I need to go inspire myself to thrilling new heights of privation by reading some thrifty blogs right now...

xo Tara

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