Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeling Better

I know yesterday I sounded a bit miserable, but today things are looking up.  I am someone who prefers to enjoy myself if at all possible, and my motto at work is generally 'grease your back and let it slide off you'.  This has served me pretty well.  So, after griping yesterday, things are looking up.

Today, I put on one of my new (used) $4 skirts.  I love it.  It's a heavy stretchy cotton cut on the bias, in fuchsia with a black criss cross pattern.  It worked great with a gift shirt I've never worn.  I felt a bit dolled up and good.  Also, a nice stranger on the subway offered to carry my heavy granny cart down a major set of stairs when the escalator was boarded up.  And I had two farewell meetings with clients that were positive and pleasant.  There is a 50% sale on Monday at Value Village, so I may just manage to squeak in before quitting time and plump up my fancy work wardrobe even more.  Only six more working days (plus weekends full of working for free...) until my new job begins...

I'm now going to enjoy a way-too-late supper and a new DVD of my wife doing some of her incredible stand up.  It just came today!

xo Tara

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