Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gifts and Wardrobe

It's a lazy Sunday evening.  My wife has taken ill this week with a bad flu - or if we let our imaginations go to dark places, viral pneumonia.  A trip to the doctor tomorrow will hopefully sort this out.  She's had a fever for several days, bad cough, and most worrying to both of us, no appetite.  Very unlike her.  I'm having sympathy pangs.  Not pains, fortunately.  So after some lackluster hours at work accomplishing very little, I'm taking to the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a book, as she's taken to our bed for a spell.  It is an evening when I should be doing a lot of catching up, prep and getting my house in order etc.  But try as I might I cannot goad myself out of my inertia.  Ah well.  I guess being an on-call nurse to my wife for the evening can be a semi-productive role for me.

I had a great friend wedding last night.  For this wedding and a family one that we are unable to attend next weekend, my solution to gift giving without 'buying anything new' was a sort of compromise.  Last year I put a big chunk of cash down on my Sears card to pay off my new washer and dryer.  I accidentally overpaid.  So I have a bit of a credit.  I got the two couples each a Sears gift card as a present.  Technically money I spent last year.  Also, since I'm not buying them the stuff, it's not stuff as far as I'm concerned.  What do you think?  Grey area??

As far as my burgeoning professional wardrobe goes, I got a few items from my sister yesterday and I do have high hopes of getting arse in gear early tomorrow a.m. to get to Value Village's 50% off sale before work.  It opens at 7am!  I may need the jaws of life to pry me from my bed.  I also have to do some organizing here at home to sort my new work-worthy get ups and closet etc.  But, as I said, the couch and my book beckon.  I diagnose myself with motivational influenza for the day.

xo Tara

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