Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview Clothing etc.


So the reason I was keeping a bit mum was that I had applied for a job.  I ended up getting it (yippee!) but I didn't want to jinx it or to share that info, unless I was offered the position.  You know, just in case I didn't get it, I didn't want my current job to get the idea I was unhappy with where I was.  And in fact, I'm not unhappy.  But I've done my day job for 7 years now, and when the opportunity to do a 12 month maternity leave with an incredible team of strong, smart women presented itself, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Maybe I was having a slight case of 7 year itch.

I feel like it's my chance to have a sabbatical and freshen up some old skills and learn some new ones.  For the interview, I was able to pull together a few options without even using anyone else's closet.  My wife and my twin (via emailed photo) gave feedback on what I should wear, and the winner was attractive and businesslike enough to suit all.  This job is a bit more posh than my usual gig, so I will need to spend more time planning my getup, and should take advantage of the benefits of laying out an outfit the night before.  I did slightly ramp up my wardrobe this weekend with a trip to a benefit clothing sale (which I just found out happens monthly).  The sale supports Dress Your Best (a charity that provides a week's worth of almost free interview clothing to people looking for work on limited incomes).  At the benefits, the deal is that every clothing item is $2!  The hard part is the sifting, on the third floor of a community centre, sans air conditioning in a heat wave.  I did manage to chock up a full $20 worth of gear.  And next time, if I'm not swooning of heat exhaustion, perhaps I'll do more.  Some of the items I bought are work specific and some are not so much.  But it was testing the limits of my physical endurance to try on cardigans as my body positively rained sweat.  Ugh.  I got it all home and have since sterilized the washables and have bagged the dry-clean-only's to be taken off.

I will post about the next $2 clothing sale in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
I looked it up:  Every month in 2010 on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 188 Lowther Ave, 3rd floor.  (1 Block North of Bloor, 1 block West of Spadina).  All items $2 and next one is Sat. Sept. 11th.

I mentioned this earlier: I am working on becoming a good belated depression era housewife, with my thrifty shopping and cooking skills.  This weekend I fashioned another meal out of the thin air of our cupboards, featuring mung bean noodles (soak don't boil), dried chick peas (soaked, then boiled), with some fried veg and onion and ginger and sesame oil.  It turned out really nice.

My cheerleading reunion was a success.  We had 10 cheerleaders show up, which is pretty impressive after 22 years!  (In my first year of cheering only 10 showed up for the yearbook photo). So thanks to Denise Malley for organizing it.  We had some good laughs and a few photo opps.  We were pretty much evenly divided down the middle between looking like supermodels and looking like cute middle aged women.  Not sure what accounts for the difference, but perhaps things like discipline and exercise play a part.  I'll have to the ask the supermodel contingent.  A highlight was spending extra time with my old pal, Julie, who also lent advice last post re: a black turtleneck and pair of pants never going astray.  I DO plan to invest in a couple of 'good' outfits come January 1st,  i.e.: like my post re: Tilley hats etc.  I have a cute pair of black dress Capri's my sister gave me recently (she lent them to me new, and after 2 wears, they already seem 'long in the tooth' with their dragging and sagging).  They are evidence of the need for quality in my wardrobe. 

What else can I tell you?  My little bro has posted his blog, and I have to go check it out!  I think it will be offensive to some (generational language alert), but I will check er out and report back if I am comfortable sharing a link.  If I do share a link, it might come with some disclaimer, but I think it is nice he is trying to share his 24 year old financial wisdom with the world.  In defense of his being merely 24, he does have a lot of 'book larning' on the subject, and even some 'on-the-job larning'. 

Folks, that might be it for tonight.  I confess, I am run a bit ragged trying to prep to leave one job and enter a new one for a year.  There are a lot of cues I can take from my clutter busting hero, Brooks Palmer.  I will likely review them before I decamp.  I need to remind myself of what I actually use, what is useful and brings me joy, what I want to take with me, and what 'I can just let go'.  It will hopefully be a very cleansing time for me.  I am a bit in limbo as I await my new and old managers duking out to negotiate my leave/start dates so I can more specifically plan and panic.  I have always felt that a drawback to enjoying a job and staying put for a long time is the inevitable heap of clutter you accumulate.  I am now in hardcore cleaning out my closets mode - work edition.

Okay, good night and may your tomorrow (and mine) be full of joy, ease, and light.

xo Tara

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