Friday, August 20, 2010

Turning Points

I used to really miss the feeling of September Back-to-School renewal when I stopped being a student after 11 years of university.  In case you think I'm showing off, it took me that long to get two undergrad degrees, and NO masters. My friend, Brenda finished her PhD in less time.  Ugh.  But back to Septembers.  They were a clean slate.  New school supplies, new classes, new prospects.  A fresh start.  The air crisp and filled with promise.

When you start working full time (if you're not a teacher) you think nostalgically back to the days when you actually could start AND finish something.  Even if you did it badly or failed, projects were done when the school year ended.  Not so with the working world.  So many things are unfinished.  And often you have little control over how long they last.  They can drag on creating mental and physical clutter, like teeth gone too long between cleanings, like closets never purged between shopping sprees.  And the stuff.  Oh dear God, the stuff you accumulate - just by having the good fortune to keep a job for seven years.  It defies credulity.  It beggars belief.  It is a lot of crap.  Well, that's not entirely true.  Some of it is very good stuff.  But sorting through which is good, which is necessary, and which is not so, is a Herculean task.  Each time I sit to my desk now, I feel a welling up of overwhelm.  Where to start?

I got the word, belatedly, that I'm starting my new job on September 7th.  Which gives me just 11 working days to clean house, say good bye to  dozens of clients, make a tidy explanatory list for my replacement, and catch up on a few years worth of unfinished business.  Plus other sundry tasks.  Each goodbye feels a bit like a mini break up.  'It's not you, it's me.  I thought we'd have more time.  I'm sorry, I just have to do this.  You'll be great.  These are some other people you can talk too'.  I'm going to miss a lot of what I do and who I spend time with.  But I'm grateful for the chance to be starting something new, and being forced to finish off all my loose ends, and while it seems impossibly soon, it does seem like a perfect day for a fresh start at my new gig, the day after labour day.  Back-to-School day.

In other news:  My team, the Rainbows, just met our fundraising goal of $15,200 (for seven of us).  We all get to participate in the 60 K walk now on Sept. 11 and 12th.  :)

Also, my baby brother has his blog up and running.  I'm following it anonymously, due to serious language/offensiveness content, but if you are interested in some smart, funny, rude financial advice from a 24 year old frat boy, check it out at  Use at your own risk, my friends.

xoxo Tara

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