Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to Wear - Not the TV Show

Hi There,
I've been a bit of an ungreat blogger this week, and I'll let you in on a little secret.  But only partially.  I've been non-blogging because I'm keeping a secret, and I haven't really known what to say.  Suffice it to say that within the next two days or so, I should be able to reveal some things that have been going on with me, and the related 'Not Buying Anything New' news to go along with it.

I will, for now, regale you with tomorrow's dilemma.  I need to plan an outfit that will take me from day to evening that involves: 1. a meeting with an intimidating senior manager at my day job, and 2. a cheerleading reunion in the town I went to high school in.  I need to dress for both, and almost race between them to catch the train to make it to the reunion.  I didn't decide I was going until today, because I had a conflict I just got out of.  My wife is part of a stand up comedy documentary that is shooting tomorrow night so I was going to miss the cheer reunion to go to the filming.  But it turns out, it is also shooting on Sunday at a show she is doing - and she was totally cool with me going to the reunion.  I'm glad because I love seeing her perform, and I really did not want to miss out on seeing her being filmed and all the excitement around that. 

Now that I've made the impromptu decision to attend Reunion 2010, it feels funny to be going back to a town I sort of lost track of since my parents (Mom and Step dad), twin and I moved away from it, at the end of grade 12.  I kept up with it by going back for summers for a couple of years, but to give you a 'for instance' in the past 9 years I've been there twice.

I obviously won't be able to get a new set of duds for the event, and I am a bit nervous to see how limber and fit my co-cheerleaders are 20 odd years later.  I don't want to fall too many standard deviations away from the mean.  I was the co-captain back in grade 11.  It was interesting, because I would describe myself as a bit of a nerd in high school.  My two year career on the team I voluntarily cut short to be the yearbook editor in grade 12, but I must say that it was an important part of my high school experience.  And one that I look back on with a funny mixture of irony and pleasure.  It appeals to the Kinda Femme part of me.  Our cheerleading was well before the robotic, death-defying stuntsmanship you see from the Glee Cheerios, for example.  My twin cheered for three high school years, and has kept up both her cheering skills and her yearbook skills decades beyond me by doing both as a teacher.  She is part of a pep rally team of ex-cheerleaders at her all-boys elementary school that do fun assemblies once or twice a year, AND, she has had the joy/job of being the yearbook staff all the years she has taught since high school. 

She was my unofficial co-editor for yearbook.  She helped me a lot when I was editor.  But yearbooks have changed significantly since my baby was published in 1987 :)  We used to literally cut and paste.  With scissors and glue.  Onto those blue grid pages.  It was a very hands-on experience.  She has seen generations of technology bow to the service of yearbook creation.  The comparable example in my own life was when my wife was able to create a 'yearbook' of our wedding this year for our 'paper' anniversary.  She did it all on a Mac, to great effect, for a very reasonable price and not a pair of scissors, nor a typewriter involved.

I often think how interesting it is for our generation to have been born at a time that got to straddle the cusp of low-tech to all-tech-all-the-time.  We get to see such sweeping changes.  We also can relish the unplugged sensation better than some other generations.  And I really do relish it when it occurs.  I admit I am struggling with the 'bad manners' of people who can't put down their apparatus, whatever it might be, and just hang out and chat with me with a modicum of eye contact.

Talk soon


J.Bot said...

I am probably a bit late to post this, but a friend of mine (who grew up with money) once told me the best fashion advice her mother ever gave her was: a good pair of black slacks + a black turtleneck can be worn to ANY & EVERY event and will always look chic and appropriate.

I really think she was right. You can mix it up with scarves, jewellery, etc. But it really is the most safe and basic of outfits.

Now it is far too steamy for long pants & turtlenecks right now, but I think a straight skirt and moderate-neckline will suffice for summer.

My 2 cents.

No New is Good News said...

thanks Julie, and I'm glad you didn't really think I would wear a turtleneck this past week! But I did wear a moderate neckline black top with dainty black cardigan, and a skirt that was lighter, dressy, but had some black, tan, and cream.

And, I got the job, as y'all knows. Gotta blog about that now...