Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lessons in Perspective

Let me be frank.  I've been struggling and feeling overwhelmed.  My oft repeated phrase 'over-scheduled and under-organized' feels more than apt.

But tonight, just in the nick of time, some lovely perspective lending moments:

1. Talking to my friend Anya, whose ability to be mindful and whose wise counsel helps me not sink into self-loathing and paranoia and reminds me of what I'm doing right and even what I'm doing 'good enough,' that is enough.
2. I got carded for ID at the beer store tonight!  I am so glad I popped in for a tallboy and by the look on the dude's face, he doesn't ID that many 41-year-olds.  Such a silly ego boost, but lovely on this frantic day.
3. Watching the latest Terry Fox documentary right now, 'Into The Wind'.  Thanks Terry Fox.  I have a posthumous crush on your and your indomitable spirit.  Watching him plow through every obstacle to do this unimaginable thing really lends a healthy perspective to any struggles I might find myself facing.  So energizing to watch him.

In Not Buying Anything New news:  It feels good to have stayed the course with this goal in the face of so much going on with the minutia of my day-to-day life and changes.  And another day of enjoying several compliments on my new second hand wardrobe.

Talk soon,
xo Tara

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