Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lots to Think About

My father called with the news that he has the permit to build on the point.  The point is where he has land that my sister and I have long been wanting to build a cottage.  In Newfoundland.  So, this is becoming a more present reality.  And I am hoping that it helps me to yet again refocus my energy on saving and paying down debt.  I am conceiving of my financial life is like a boat.  (I am rereading my grandfather's memoirs, and he said he never drove a boat that didn't need some steady steering to keep her on course - therefore the simile is apt.)

This clear and present opportunity for a cottage means I need to redouble and recommit to saving, paying off debt, and simplifying our lifestyle and expenses - at least until things are sorted.  Having a place of my own (or partly my own) in Newfoundland is of paramount importance to me as family ages and I know I want to always feel like I belong there.

So, re: No New Is Good News:  It's only 3 1/2 months to go until the end of the year and I HAVE STAYED THE COURSE thus far!  Some challenges I'm facing lately include my new job where I am spending too much on food and drink as I have not yet gotten accustomed to bringing lunch and own drinks etc.  I think I need a kettle and a mini bar fridge stat.  I will post on facebook and if no one has one for sale, look to used places.

Also, a big issue since the walk is my sensitive feet.  I can walk normally again, but they are still so sensitive that I cannot wear shoes or socks.  I tried too and had a worse itchy rash at the end of the day.  I told my mom that my feet are positively rejecting being shod.  I may need to either buy used dressier backless shoes or get 'health' shoes like Birkenstocks or something, since my arches are also sore from flip flops for a week and I can't keep wearing them indefinitely.  Not to mention they do not suit the dressier program I am working in right now.

Speaking of my new job, people are being very nice, but I am a bit pooped from thinking so much and learning new stuff and people etc.  But, while it is more formal, more structured and way more scheduled I am enjoying the challenge in a way too.  Especially when I think of it as a time limited learning sabbatical.

So, I've been thinking I need to add something to my blog like a list that stays for: inspiring things for this year of not spending, and also of things I am buying as soon as the sun rises on the year 2011!  I will investigate that.

p.s. Another great friend Julie of the former cheerleading fame has entered into the challenge of not buying anything new.  Good luck and keep us posted Julie F.!

xo Tara

p.p.s. Stitch and Bitch is back in October and I am hosting!  Yay!  It will likely have a practical bent with me looking to fix up some of my second hand bits and pieces.

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