Thursday, September 2, 2010

One More Working Day

Don't get too excited guys.  What my title refers to is one more paid working day to wrap up my job of the last 7 years before I start my new gig on Tuesday September 7th.  It unfortunately does not refer to an early all expenses paid retirement or some such.  And it does not allude to the unpaid labour I'll be dishing out all weekend at the office finishing up what definitely will not be accomplished by tomorrow's end.

I'll be spending the lion's share of the day tomorrow at another site helping with a pilot project 'graduation' I've been part of the last 3 months - that will surely be pleasant, but will keep me from getting on with the increasingly urgent task of clearing my desk, files, shelves, and basically all surface areas within a one mile radius of my desk which my stuff has gradually claimed these last several years.

I'm a bit bummed because I've got to dress up for graduation and I have a fresh new blister on my right heel.  This is problematic because a) I'm allergic to band aids, b) I don't have any 'dress flops'.  My flip flops are seriously casual and definitely do not match my adorable matchy new-used Value Village outfit with it's tangerine and cantaloupe hues (crying out to be worn before Labour Day strikes).

Also, the blister MUST heal before my 60 K walk next weekend, or I will be beside myself!

Okay, I'm off to self medicate my anxiety and overwhelm with an icepack to the neck, a mom mantra from last night, and a movie on demand.  Getting my fill before we kick Roger's to the curb for good.

xo Tara

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