Friday, September 3, 2010

Quitting Time

My last day of work has come and gone, and all in all, it was a bittersweet and mostly pleasant one.  I still have loads to do over the weekend to wrap up, but for now I'm home nursing my bad neck and shoring up some steam for the rigors to come.

I had some nice words with various people and a sweet parting gift from my 'work wife'.  I had a work wife a few years ago who was actually a man, and when he moved on I went a few years without one.  My current work wife is Shannon.  She and I connected early and uncommonly well about 2 years ago right when she started.  I've learned enormous amounts from her and especially love her fearless and delightful creativity.  She's an artist in the true sense of the word.  i.e.: everything she touches turns to art - be it words, objects, or actions.  But, we also share a similar set of politics and humour.  She is much more skilled at pranks than me though.  For example, she peppered my workspace with so many cat stickers and magnets that new students of mine always assume I am the wacky cat lady.  In fact I am seriously uninterested in pets and she has at least 3 cats at all times. 

She and I have decided that since I'm moving jobs, we'll have to take our relationship to the next level and actually become outside work friends.  She gave me a parting gift today with a nice card.  The gift is so sweet.  It's a necklace with a teeny tiny pretend light bulb as a pendant.  She said it's because I always have lots of good ideas.  I said, nah, it's because I light up your life.

I always think it's nice to miss something when you go.  It means it was worthwhile.

xo Tara


Tena Laing said...

I loved this post. Loved the way you said, "Shore up some steam" and how you knew the necklace was because you lit up WW's life! You are right, it is absolutely the best thing to leave with missing and regret - it shows it was worth it. Love you! You'll do great. Shift Happens. xo

No New is Good News said...

Ha Ha! hope you don't mind I used yer photo in today's posting :) xo