Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recycled Cards

I spent a lot of time at my work today working on packing up etc.  I have been thinking about the farewell gifts and cards I've been getting and how to reciprocate.  I ended up having some fun with old cards I have received in the pas.  I spent some time decorating my coworkers' workstations with cartoons and repurposed greeting cards including their original messages.  But I crossed out my name from the top and put theirs, then changed them to say 'xo Tara' at the end.  Plus I added my own wee messages.  My favourite cards to give were ones from my old Japanese exchange students, from my university Don days.  The Japanese students were faithful card senders and their greetings were a delightful blend of formality, extreme courtesy, and oddly mishmashed English.

I think they are a perfect fit with my no new year.

xo Tara

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