Friday, September 10, 2010

Sanctioned Shopping Spree


I went out tonight to get some of the items on my Weekend to End Women's Cancer's 60K walk must have list.  I got items I feel apply under 'health'.  For example:  body glide (looks a bit like a tiny deodorant and will apparently keep my feet, toenails, underarms, and nippular region from blistering, chaffing, and falling right off.  Ack.

I also spent $27 on two pairs of iron man socks that will apparently keep chafe and blisters at bay from the ankle down.  Technical socks are a health expense, okay?

I am now trying to find a way to pack all the gear they suggest, plus wrap it all in plastic as rain looms large in the forecast.  I kind of hope it holds off until apres camping.  We are not big campers.  So, while I did find an air mattress, things on the list like 'tarp' and 'ground sheet' are not in my repertoire and it's too late to beg/borrow/steal them now.

So we head out tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.  Camp out overnight at Downsview, complete the walk Sunday in what is apparently a very emotional closing ceremony at CNE grounds (Direct Energy Lot) around 5pm.  Okay, that's about it for now.  Wish me good fortune.  And by good fortune, of course I mean 10 intact toenails come Sunday evening.

xo Tara

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