Friday, September 24, 2010

Saturday To Do's-A Belated Rescued Post from a Month Ago...

I had a nice chat with some old friend's last night and we were talking about my year of not spending and what I can and can't do according to my own ground rules.  One of the things I'm glad I left on the list of "okay's for 2010" is occasional meals out.  This is something I actually rarely do - both because money is tight and because I'm becoming a bit of a cheapskate about this kind of luxury.  And I need to remind myself that in many ways money is tight because I am doing a lot of good, sensible (sometimes very boring) things with it like aggressively paying off my student loan, my RRSP loan, my assorted-debts-lumped-together loan, and saving for my cottage and a rainy day.

But today I'm going for brunch across the street.  I just realized we have a new 'local'.  It rated 5 N's in NOW magazine and is not expensive and uses local ingredients and is apparently delicious.  I'll report back.  The place is called Zocalo's (I'm pretty sure).  We live in a neighbourhood in transition and this addition is exciting and important as it fills a gap.  I'll be bringing my grandfather's memoires, which I have been reading a bit of each night.  (He's the grandfather that died in April, not long after completing these memoiries).  I love hearing about the old days, the history of the settlers, and how things used to be and got the way they were etc. in the community we are from.

Then, I'll be heading into work to carry on with the mammoth task of culling, sorting, thinning, shredding, organizing etc. my workspace to be able to leave by the time my new job starts.

Wish me luck and the ability to chuck stuff with abandon.

xo Tara
(Posting this late as I just discovered it in 'drafts'.  I have lost a few posts that got saved in draft form, so I'll send this off from the 'future'.  Today is actually Sept. 24th!)

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