Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tales From Mom's Place

It has been so rewarding (on various levels) to hang with Momma this weekend.  Not only did we get some quality bonding in, we went to an exotic out of town Value Village here in Ottawa, and Mom also opened up her closet and gave me 4 new cardigans (some still had tags on them), and a new black fall coat.  She is purging things and apparently we have a similar taste in cardigans.  This is funny because we don't share a taste for much clothing wise, but these items are spot on. 

Our trip to Value Village was comical and productive.  Again, I was delighted and amazed at how much great stuff I could find that fit and looked nice.  My work-worthy-wardrobe grows yet again.  I think I am learning this year that by not being able to shop for new things I am really seeing the options out there with more enthusiasm.  I'm less fussy, but also less lazy.  I go the extra mile to search for a used version, and it is generally there when I go look for it.  Having said that, shoes are not so good second hand.  I know January 1st, I will be buying footwear for sure.  The comical part of the Village was the arm wrestle with Mom over a long coat she HATED on me.  I did buy it, and perhaps I will have to post a photo of it for an impartial vote from you all?  My sister and I voted for buying it against Mom's head-shaking 'No way!'  I wasn't going to let this coat slip away after the fiasco of our shopping trip back in January in Value Village Second Thoughts.

Heading home with so much new-to-me (but used) clothing is a reminder that I will feel really good when I do some closet purging and reorg in my room. 

Another fun thing about this weekend has been some of the nerdy relaxing things we've done in Ottawa, including: listening to relaxation/meditation CDs as a group (sometimes I fell asleep snoring, but so relaxing - for me anyway); and reading a book Mom got called 'The Joy of Not Working' - she got it to prep for retirement, and I was using it to prep for semi-retirement next year when I go down to one job only in September.  It was a good reminder that we need to work on our leisure NOW, not wait until later/retirement etc.  I have definitely let my leisure slide.  So, look forward to me finding cheap ways to infuse my days and nights with non-passive leisure. 

Oh, I almost forgot, Mom also got us books and bracelets with 'A Complaint Free' on them.  The deal is you have to switch the bracelet to the other arm every time you complain, criticize, or gossip.  And your goal is to go 21 days without having to switch the bracelet.  It should help me focus on the positive side of things for a while. 

Something I am also putting thought into is what about next year? What is my plan regarding 'No New is Good News' and shopping and what would I like to see happen in 2011?  I haven't got it figured out yet, but I am letting it percolate. 

Heading back to Toronto feeling refreshed.


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