Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Already?

I can't believe the speed this week has whizzed by at.  It's a good reminder to seize the day, folks.  Because if time is going by this fast, life really is short.

I've had a productive and lotsa learning kind of week.  I'm looking forward to telling you all about a new social network I am 'beta testing' that is thematically appropriate for my year of not buying anything new.  I'll get back to you guys on that one, once I check in with the people who are developing it.

Heading to Ottawa tomorrow to see Momma.  Yay!  There is something so soothing about hanging out with your own mother.  We might go second hand shopping.  Ottawa has lots of great used clothing shops.  Or maybe she'll beg me for permission to buy me something new.  Hee Hee.

I'm bringing my laptop for the train ride, which my twin snagged us for half price.  Thanks for that, Twin.  I've got some leisure catching up to do.  I've been slacking off in my leisure and my self-care, what with productivity taking up so many waking hours & brain cells.

re: no new:  I talked my twin into 'selling' me her used kettle.  Basically I visited her and gave her my sob story about how I'm being nickel and dimed to death buying coffees at my new job.  She said I could pay her 'what I thought it was worth' and that she only uses it 'occasionally'.  I'll look up the price online and give her a few bucks less since it's a used electric kettle.  And she told me to take that amount and put it on our cottage fund.  Nice.  We're about $15 closer to breaking ground.  Also, I must remember to remind my kind coworker who mentioned a used mini-fridge - then I can really stop frittering away money on food and drink at new job.

Also, this is kind of funny, but I have so much clothing right now it is spilling out of my closet.  My second hand dressy work clothing spree means I need to do some hardcore clutter busting in my closet.  My wife has been very patient with my wardrobe spreading like a creeping vine through our bedroom, but I guess I need to soon nip it in the bud.  But, alas, it won't be tonight.  I'm packing for Ottawa and my poor old feet are killing me from 6 hours or so of standing in seriously cute but cruelly unsupportive footwear.  I am not sure how I will pack now that I've collapsed on the couch and seem to be extraordinarily affected by gravity's pull.

That's about it for ce soir.  Did I mention I'm hosting stitch and bitch on Oct. 15th?  Thank goodness.  It's about time I got back into some handiness and craftiness and laughing with my fellow S & B'ers.

xo Tara

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