Monday, October 25, 2010

Beat to a Snot

Not sure if I have a post thusly entitled or not, but I am a bit pooped tonight.  I feel okay though, which is saying something since we found out our local angry conservative has won the mayoral election tonight.  I am trying to feel good about just having had the right and opportunity to vote for the person who I feel reflects my values, even though they didn't get in.

I've also been given a slight financial thrashing today in the form of:
  • a reassessment by revenue Canada (not for a lot, but the bottom line is I owe more income tax than I thought I did, adding insult to injury as I'm still eking out portions of the payment due for last year).
  • a final Roger's bill to the tune of $762 bucks.  I am so grateful that we canceled, but the next couple of months as we transition will still be painful and expensive.  Sadly, I'll have to cash in some hard won Canada Savings Bonds to pay that one off, but being rid of Roger's will be well worth any agony.
I think that Roger's will actually click off as of tomorrow, so perhaps I should jump on and watch a couple of last minute HBO offerings before the cutoff.  But, to be honest, I'm very engrossed in a novel I just got yesterday.  A shout out to Emma Donoghue who wrote 'Slammerkin' and 'Life Mask', and most recently, 'ROOM', which I cannot put down. A good sign that I will be able to weather our new cable-free status.

Talk soon,
xo Tara

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