Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dance Class

I'm feeling good about how I've been actively pursuing less passive types of leisure.  Apparently an important prequel to retirement :)

This week I've/we've:

  • cancelled cable
  • gone to book club
  • visited Great Aunt Joan with my knitting
  • had dinner with friends
  • walked to work
And this afternoon I'm heading off for a Salsa dance class, which I haven't done in almost 6 years; and helping out with my wife's funnyfunny comedy show tonight.  

None of these things are costly, so they work well with the philosophy of No New Is Good News.  In fact, I've made a list of people I like and miss because I haven't been very social lately, and am working my way through it doing some old-friend outreach.  

No longer all work and no play...

xo Tara

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