Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food Blog for Budgeteers

I just found out about this blog, Budget Bytes, via someone who read mine.  Thanks Debra.  I'm going to go out to the grocery store and get some turkey sausage to make the lentil and sausage stew today.  I like her tag line, "On a mission to save money and eat well!"  Such a great goal.

I'm feeling very fine today, having slept in until almost 1pm!  Now I am cheerfully puttering in my pyjamas before I leave the house to do some errands. 

I've been thinking about my list of January shopping some more, and I think I'm going to add 'steamer' to it.  It is a great, non-toxic way to clean.  I never iron, so it's not that likely I'll be regularly steaming my clothing except as a carefulness measure after visiting possible bed bug hot spots.  Ugh. 

I'm also trying to puzzle out the instructions to something I want to make as a gift, so beside turkey sausage, I may be making a pit stop to visit some experts for advice.  Sound a bit cryptic?  I don't want anyone to know what I'm making...  But it sure feels nice to be making stuff.

Have a great Saturday, and hope all your Halloween party night wishes come true.

xo Tara

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