Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today was a relatively easy day not to buy anything new, since I have not gotten out of my pyjamas.  I ended up trying a second recipe on Budget Bytes blog - the jambalaya (both really good), watched some of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,  and then took an epic nap.  It means I also missed my dance class, but on the plus side I feel great!

We don't have any trick or treaters in our building, they do it in the lobby, so it's going to be a relaxing evening as well.  I've decided to roll with the not getting dressed theme and if I go down to the lobby for something, I can pretend I'm doing a p.j.'s costume.

I'm going to get going on that shopping list for Jan. 2011.  I just remembered I really want a full length mirror so I can make myself somewhat presentable before I leave the house.  Maybe I'll start a little list on the side of the blog this week of things I want/need.

Have a great evening,

xo Tara

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