Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Health Purchase Alert

So, I am giving you all fair warning, I'll be needing to buy something for the good of my health.  Mental and physical.  I need to get some supportive, white runners to wear to my part time job because BED BUGS abound in subsidized housing (and lots of other places) and the new wisdom is that it is easiest to spot bed bugs on white shoes.  Of course I also have to carry them around triple-bagged on my person between buildings and, ugh, keep them somewhere at home safe from my stuff.  The shoes I've been using aren't cutting it (they are more like cute slippers) for 4 hours of standing.  The old back and feet start grumbling. 

So, to keep my home safe from bed bugs, my peace of mind somewhat intact, and to keep my level of freak out as low as possible, that purchase will be happening asap.

Just to keep you all in the loop.

xo Tara


One Girl's Story said...

Ewww.. I do not blame you!

No New is Good News said...

It's very challenging as I have a low tolerance for squeemish stuff :)