Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm going to steal a quote from a favourite blog of mine, The Happiness Project, whose latest post quotes William Morris saying,
The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
I've been working hard on that one this weekend.  Friday, as I mentioned I did a big grocery shop (thinking up specific meals).

Saturday I plodded steadily through my bedroom.  I cleaned my closet, my desk, my dresser tops, and vacuumed and changed the bed, dusted etc.  I have a bag of borrowed clothing to return to my sister and a bag to donate of things I'm willing to get rid of.  She can have dibs since I've been such a borrower of her stuff lately.  In any case, you can feel the chi flowing in my bedroom again.

Sunday was a trip to spend time with my wife at my in-laws, including my two nephews and niece, out in the country.  I love them all, but a highlight was my youngest nephew, Sammy, calling me by name for the first time.  Of course since he's only 16 months old, his pronunciation is a little off, but I actually enjoy Tara being pronounced 'Ra-Ra'.  I think it's very much like being cheered on every time it's said.

Monday, today, I picked up with my Clutter Busting and tackled the living room and kitchen.  I had a lovely old fashioned school desk smothered in piles of papers to sort/file/shred, bags to be unpacked, stacks of books etc.  I did the routine tasks like vacuum, dust, dishes, counter, stove top etc.  I cooked up a meal and packed tomorrow's lunches (!), and I also sorted through and rid myself of two big recycle bags of paper.  I also took down suitcases and my wife's bike to storage so our condo looks very pretty and clutter free compared to yesterday.

I haven't really stopped today, but it feels very, very good to have done all this.  So I think the quote about taking a genuine interest in the details of daily life helped me to actually enjoy the process.  And that's happiness, right?  I've been wanting to do more creatively, and I feel like I need to 'clear my workspace' to be able to do that.  It's happening.

So, Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for my family, the one I was born with and the one I created by marrying my wife.


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