Friday, October 29, 2010

Nail Soup on Hold

I used my few meagre bucks to pick up some meat so I could come home and scare up some "Nail Soup" this weekend.  You know, where you pull something out of thin air from the cupboards that look sorta bare.  The new ingredient, in this case some meat, would help it all come together.  Well, I had just spend $5 at the grocery store then popped into my part time job (to pick up my November metropass before November 1st strikes and I'm cursing everything because I have to spend $3 per trip on the transit) when my twin calls.

It's cool news, our great also-a-twin friend Jill has called and wants us to go see the John Lennon movie with her in 40 minutes.  Impromptu friend action.  Yay.  And I've been trying to do more friend outreach.  It's so silly that as adults unless we bump into our friends literally, we sometimes get too busy to see them and weeks or months can go by.  So, I dropped my beef in the freezer at work and bee lined for the cinema and a reunion with an old friend.  The nail soup can wait, and in the mean time, I'm 'showing up' and engaging in some passive (movie watching) and non-passive leisure (catching up).  I highly recommend the film, and I have to go check out the gossip surrounding it now by doing an online search.  But, I can't pass it on to you guys, or I'd have to switch my bracelet (for complaints/criticisms/gossip).  Sorry about that.

I also lucked out frugal wise.  I had one handy voucher from Air Miles I've been carrying around in my wallet for months that bought two tickets, two fizzy waters, and one popcorn for ce soir. 

re: Nothing New:  I did some window shopping today to plot my January shoe shop.  I almost wanted to lick those shoes at Trove.  They are like candy.

Looking forward to a lazy Saturday with my wife tomorrow before gearing up for Halloween partying.  Again, I'll be showing up.  It's good for you.

xo Tara

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