Saturday, October 16, 2010

S & B a Success

My Stitch and Bitch night last night was great fun.  We've booked the next two.  There were 6 of us including me, my twin, my co-founder of monthly S & B, Sarah, Sarah's two sisters and her friend Giselle.  Whenever I hang out with Sarah et. al, I always laugh a lot and am in a good mood the next day.  We should do it even more often.

I ended up giving away some stuff I don't use anymore and I ended up hauling out the sewing machine and with a lot of spotting turned a t-shirt into cute gift bags, as well as a big chunk of green jersey I was going to give away (it's been taking up real estate in my closet for 3 years now), into cute Christmas gift bags, and getting experimental-I also threw in a halter top and when I grew tired of sewing, used the last 5 feet to make myself a fetching green cape for the night. 

Some other highlights included listening to all 4 hours of my 40th b-day play list.  Some people enjoyed this more than others.  Basically the 40 year olds really liked it, the youngsters were on the fence.  We also looked up Sissy Bounce, and some old fashioned words for girl stuff.

Gotta go to London for a girls reunion with old friends from 15 years ago!

xo Tara

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